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Hostaria del Piccolo Newest Addition to Rose in Venice

Rose Ave in Venice is all sorts of the new hotness. Oscar's Cerveteca opened last May, Moon Juice launched last month, Cafe Gratitude will debut in that new mixed use building across from Oscar's/Venice Beach Wines, and next up comes a second location for Santa Monica's year old Hostaria del Piccolo. The casual Italian restaurant, a more low key spinoff of Piccolo in Venice, claims real estate in that same new condo/retail structure. In fact, three restaurants are slated to open here. HdP takes the corner space closest to Lincoln Blvd., meanwhile Cafe Gratitude will be located on the opposite side of the structure toward Main Street. The last open space is still tbd. However, word on the street is that a total of SIX new restaurants are opening on Rose, the remaining three are still tbd as well. Construction for HdP 2.0 should start any day and reps foresee a June/July opening.
·Cafe Gratitude Snags Space on Rose in Venice [~ELA~]

Hostaria Del Piccolo

606 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Hostaria del Piccolo

512 Rose Ave., Venice, CA