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The Very First Look Inside UMAMIcatessen Downtown

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Elizabeth Daniels 2/12

Without further ado we present the very first look inside the nearly complete UMAMIcatessen. For those living under a rock, this is Umami founder Adam Fleischman's mixed use restaurant/deli/bar with separate eating and drinking concepts all living within one industrial open space. So far announced is a kosher-style deli called The Cure, an expanded version of Umami Burger, plus a 170-seat dining hall and bar with five different kitchens under the guidance of top chefs such as SF's Chris Cosentino.

Decorated in steel and stone and what might be miles of reclaimed wood, UMAMIcatessen feels like a mix of Red Medicine meets Umami Los Feliz minus the Asian accents. So, industrial minimalism meets hip. From the above pictured overhead shot once can decipher the separate stations plus a clatter of chairs which will likely land within the maze of space between those "kitchens" a la Eataly. Opening soon.
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852 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA. 90014 (213) 418-6264 Visit Website


846 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90014