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Looks like Paolo Cesaro & Antonio Mure Snagged 12 Washington To Launch Another Italian Concept

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Earlier this week Marina del Rey's 36-year-old American eatery 12 Washington, located on Washington between Pacific and Speedway, closed up shop for good. A new Italian restaurant was rumored to be moving in, and through the grapevine Eater heard that Ado/31 Ten chef Antonio Mure was involved. Now, here in the Yo! Venice! comments a reader writes that Paolo Cesaro, Mure's partner in the two aforementioned establishments, is involved as well. Which makes complete sense. Apparently, yesterday Cesaro was spotted painting the outside fence.
·12 Washington Donzo Feb 14, Italian Spot Moving In [~ELA~]

[Photo: Antonio Mure, Paolo Cesaro]


12 Washington Blvd., Marina Del Rey, CA 90292