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Primo Passo Coffee Co. Reveals Signage, Street Food at Cafe Livre

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SANTA MONICA— Yesterday the delayed Primo Passo Coffee Co. on Montana at 7th unveiled signage, meanwhile barista training is in progress. A reader writes in to say that "Katie O'Shea, Primo Passo's coffee educator, was chosen to represent Primo Passo Coffee Co. at the upcoming 2012 Ted conference (Coffee Common) starting this Sunday. This is impressive, given only a handful of barista from all over the world are chosen for this prestigious event filled with the biggest and brightest." [Eater Inbox]

CULVER CITY— Starting Friday at 6PM Cafe Livre will offer a North African street food menu available out on the patio or to-go.

Doner sandwiches: small $7, large $13
Merguez sandwiches: small $7, large $13
Tacos Arabes (made from doner meat): 2 for $6
Twice-cooked fries: $6
Twice-cooked fries with merguez and cheese: $8
Briks: $7

Optional garnishes: cucumbers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, harissa (red chile, green serrano and habanero), yogurt sauce (garlic and dill), spicy aioli.

Primo Passo Coffee Co.

702 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA