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Celestino Drago Taking Over Il Sole on W. Sunset

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Interesting. With his flagship iconic Santa Monica eatery now a figment of memories past, per this here ABC listing Celestino Drago is taking control of Il Sole on W. Sunset Blvd. Partner Brent Bolthouse, who joined original owners Arnold Stiefel and Andy Hewitt one year ago to revamp the sceney Southern Italian eatery, confirms the deal is in escrow and will likely come to fruition. What that means for longtime chef Issac Rivera remains to be seen.
·Brent Bolthouse Joins Il Sole Team, Resto Reopens Wednesday [~ELA~]

il sole

8741 Sunset Boulevard, Holywood, Ca 90069 310 657 1182

Il Sole

8741 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA