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UMAMIcatessen Soft Opens March 3; About The Back Bar

Just about a week before it's expected to open to the public, UMAMIcatessen reveals what we suspected all along: Adrian Biggs (La Descarga, Harvard & Stone) will be behind the deli's Back Bar, a full service bar with 30 bottles of wine priced at $28, craft beers and specialty cocktails. The wine selection promises to be international and exceptional -- no two buck chuck here. Wines on reserve will rotate. Biggs plans to serve a mix of re-interpreted classics and
handcrafted cocktails; cocktails especially are designed with UMAMIcatessen menus in mind. In other news, UMAMIcatessen will serve Spring for Coffee. Not only will fine shots of espresso be on offer, but so will coffee-infused cocktails. Mark your calendar, the newest Adam Fleischman restaurant soft-opens its doors next Saturday. That week, the restaurant will be serving a limited menu and have limited seating as it works its way towards a grand opening later in March.

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846 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90014