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Silverlake Wine Replaces Heritage Wine Co in Pasadena

A sharp eyed reader sends in the following: "Recently you posted about the shuttering of Heritage Wine Company in Pasadena. I heard (as I'm a local and actually I used to live in the apts up above the bar) that Silverlake Wine has leased the spot (155 N. Raymond), and I saw a change of ownership with intent to sell alcohol poster in the front window. A few people have mentioned they heard it's Silverlake Wine, which would make my YEAR." This is indeed true as also confirmed by Pasadena Scoop. No word on opening timeline, however would this expansion then rename the shop to Pasadena Wine?
·Silverlake Wine Owners Coming to Pasadena [Pasadena Scoop]

Silverlake Wine

155 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA