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Handsome Coffee Roasters Holds Surprise Saturday Debut

Elizabeth Daniels 2/12

Coffee culture in Los Angeles took a giant leap forward with the much-heralded opening of Handsome Coffee Roasters this past Saturday. Co-founders Chris Owens and Tyler Wells were behind the bar, looking sharp and ready to brew espresso on the spotless new three group La Marzocco Linea. While you won't normally find them working the floor at Handsome, Owens and Wells looked both relieved and excited to finally launch. Apparently, they passed their first (and final) Health inspection without any hiccups, and thus released the opening news late Friday afternoon.

Eater stepped into the sparkling new space designed by Woodsmithe just before noon on Saturday, where the sun hadn't quite started to pierce into the airy, spacious coffee bar. Glass abounds, much like Steve Jobs would've preferred in an Apple Store, where transparency lends itself to clean, modern design with a slight nod to Handsome's more rustic and, shall we say, "manly" aesthetic. Think denim aprons on baristas, dark wooden leather shoes, and the occasional flair of mustache. Small details like imprints upon the hallway walls unravel with further inspection, while the wall of coffee merchandise should be sure to equip any coffee geek or aficionado. The model resembles the open warehouse space of San Francisco's Four Barrel Coffee, with coffee bar up front and roaster in full view at the back. White subway tiles and copper countertops along the bar gives off a final tinge of sleek modernism blended with a vintage feel.

Ordering coffee is a breeze, with a minimalist menu that should be sure to ruffle a few feathers. No syrups, no flavorings, no decaf, no sugar. Brewed coffee rejects the more ubiquitous hand-drip method and comes via large-scale Fetco brewers and single-cup Curtis brewers. That means faster service and more consistency cup to cup.

While we saw Proof Bakery's signature chocolate chip cookies being served out of a kraft-colored box, we expect to see a larger array of the Atwater Village bakery's goods in the days to come.
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— Matthew Kang

Handsome Coffee Roasters

582 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, California 90013 (323) 606-3593 Visit Website

Handsome Coffee Roasters

582 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90013