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Sprinkles Launching 24-Hour Cupcake ATM Machine, Sprinkles Ice Cream Confirmed

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OMG, what? LAist reports several Sprinkles-related updates. 1) Sprinkles is launching a CUPCAKE ATM MACHINE with 24-hour cupcake access and 2) that previously mentioned ice cream shop has been officially confirmed.

This here is a Facebook page dedicated to the cupcake atm dubbed 24-Hour Sprinkles which will supposedly dispense cupcakes for humans and dogs, Sprinkles apparel, and cake mixes.

Meanwhile, here we have confirmation of Sprinkles Ice Cream which overtook the adjacent La Salsa space about a year and a half ago. Expect "hand-crafted American ice cream" served in waffle cones or "pressed between fluffy cupcake tops" with house-made toppings. Cookies and brownies for sale, too.
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Sprinkles Cupcakes

9635 S Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310 274 8765 Visit Website


9635 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90210