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Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar Flosses Farmhouse Chic Thursday

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Elizabeth Daniels 2/12

The bones from Casa days still remain, but this here is Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen's (Mendocino Farms) re-imagined, glorified farmhouse, vintage whisk lighting fixtures and all! Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar opens on Thursday and feels very much like a fancified Mendocino Farms. Similar to the Mendo food philosophy, Del Pero and Chen serve wholesome farm-to-table sandwiches and more arranged by ex-Church & State chef Josh Smith, though a rotating roster of guest chefs will pass through the restaurant to contribute ideas and successful sandwiches will hit Mendo menus.

The venerable Steve Livigni of La Descarga and Harvard & Stone crafts Cocktails With Care, Beer Cocktails, a Hopefully Intriguing Beer List (by bottle and on tap), plus Approachable Wines, and drinks A Little Less Boozy. Glasses cost $12 or less all around. So, while sandwiches do claim the limelight, this really isn't just a lunch spot. It's an any time of day place. And certainly somewhere to hit for better than average evening drinks.
·Mario Del Pero of Mendocino Farms To Open Blue Cow Feb 1 With Stellar BOH Lineup [~ELA~]

Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar

350 S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071 (213) 621-2249

Blue Cow

350 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA