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Skylight Gardens Opens Soon With Strong Chef Team

Elizabeth Daniels 2/12

Well, it's pretty obviously where the name comes from. Skylight, garden, Skylight Gardens. This here is the overdue Gardens on Glendon space that was actually estimated to open last April. After many months and much interior work, new owner Peter Clinco (a long-time friend and lawyer to the Lewis Family who operated Gardens on Glendon) is readying his restaurant for a soft run later this month with an official reveal in early March. Architect and interior designer Osvaldo Maiozzi of Rivera conceived the bright, rustic look, meanwhile the Italian focused menu comes by way of Raffaele Favuzzi (Pane e Vino, Angelini Osteria) and pastry chef Sebastian Gonzales of El Bulli, Spain.
·From One Garden to the Next, Skylight Gardens Takes Over The Gardens on Glendon [~ELA~]

Skylight Gardens

1139 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024