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Brick and Mortar Replaces Salute; Chef Ari Taymor Stages Alma Pop-Up at Flake

Salute Wine Bar opened way back in December 2008 touting that whole enomatic wine system and small plates. The Santa Monica eatery/drinkery went on to receive one star from Sher, but has mostly dropped off the map in the last couple years save for its interesting new addition as of October, chef Ari Taymor out of Flour + Water in San Francisco.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, Taymor has resigned as chef to pursue his own east side venture (Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz area) and, in the meantime, stage a pop-up inside Flake on Rose. Meanwhile, Salute is under new ownership (the guys who own Bar Esquina in Cabo took over) and will relaunch as Brick and Mortar serving more of a comfort food menu with braises, pasta, and a heavy meat menu. The restaurant is currently shuttered for a remodel and should open within the next week or two.

As for Taymor, his tenure at Flake, dubbed "Alma," commences on February 16 with most of the former kitchen staff from Salute, and FOH run by future managing partner Dinelle Lucchesi who is moving to LA from SF. At Flake, dinner will be served Wednesday through Saturday and guests have the option to order three courses for $35 or five courses for $55, BYOB. The menu changes weekly and resys can by made by emailing

Snack: Pickled vegetables, carraway creme fraiche

1st: Carmelized Sunchoke soup, egg yolk, amaranth, date and chicory

2nd: Beef carpaccio, marinated carrots, kaffir lime, lemongrass and coconut

3rd: Brassicas, semolina, saffron, meyer lemon and carmelized shallot

4th: Chicken, cabbage, parsnip, barley and malt

5th: Meyer Lemon Pudding, lemon verbena, graham cracker

Alma at the Standard

8300 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 323-822-3131


513 Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291