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Real Food Daily Snags Spots in Pasadena, LAX

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Real Food Daily is set to become a triple threat this Spring when owner Ann Gentry opens a restaurant on Pasadena's South Lake Avenue in a former Baja Fresh. RFD, a vegan destination, has had a passionate following among Westsiders in Los Angeles for the past several years. New interest in a meat and dairy-free lifestyle, combined with an increase in gluten-free dieters is one reason for RFD's success. “I witnessed the renaissance in Pasadena over the last decade, and always wanted to open here. There has always been a consistent ‘drum beat’ from my existing guests to open in Pasadena," said Gentry in a release. In addition to the Pasadena location, Gentry has also signed an agreement to open a Real Food Daily concession at LAX this Fall. [ELA]

Real Food Daily

899 E. Del Mar Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101