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Primo Passo Coffee Co. Soft Opened Saturday with Stumptown Coffee, Farmshop Baked Goods

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Don't mind the Starbucks across the street (or Caffe Luxxe just up the block) because Primo Passo Coffee Co. is the only locale on Montana which will serve you an expertly pulled espresso drink brewed from Stumptown beans, spiked with Straus organic dairy. And those croissants and cookies up front might look familiar since they are sourced from local baker and apparently now retailer, Farmshop at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Primo Passo Coffee Co. soft opened on Saturday morning, however the space is still not yet complete. Floors need to be sealed, the menu has yet to be posted above the coffee bar, and some glass will be installed above the PPCc's signage on that far wall. So, still a work in progress with an official launch a few weeks out. "Primo Passo" which translates into "first step" in Italian, stands for the first step one takes in the AM, or, hey, first thing in the morning go for a coffee.

Owners, who asked to remain unnamed since this is a passion project for them and not their primary gig, designed the space with a modern meets Old World aesthetic. Light floods the open space via those huge windows up front, and seating is offered along the west wall. In the back behind the bar is a standup up coffee bar much like one would find in Italy. Right now hours of operation run 6AM to 6PM daily but will expand in the future.
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Primo Passo Coffee Co.

702 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403