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Lou Amdur Announces Lou Shutter, Promises Lou 2.0

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Well, this is the opposite of a surprise. On Friday came word that Lou Amdur, proprietor of Lou on Vine, had sold his six year-old wine bar to a Troy Stevens. Daily Dish notes that yesterday Amdur officially announced the end of Lou 1.0 via the following lengthy blog post:

"Dear friends, I am selling my wine bar. I do not yet know when our last day of business will be: it may be as soon as the end of the month or perhaps a few weeks later than that. I will send another message once I have a firm date, as we will celebrate the end of six years of business with one or more going away bacchanalias. Moreover, I will need your help with drinking the delicious wines that stock our shelves (nearly 20 cases of wonderful stuff from Selection Massale await your delectation!). Eight years ago, I knew that I loved wine and wanted to try to make it my life. I had the idea that I might deepen my relationship with wine by opening a wine bar, and reckoned that falling for wine was sufficient motivation. I am embarrassed to admit that I did not anticipate that it is also delicious to have customers who become regulars and later, friends. I also did not foresee the pleasure of turning someone on to an unexpected wine, and the delight of looking out at the floor on a busy night and witnessing people having a jolly time at my restaurant. I know I will miss my wine bar, but enough with the elegies! The decision to sell a business, one in which you have invested sweat equity, energy, and passion, is not an easy one. After six years in business I might have discovered that I do not really care for wine all that much, but the truth is that I continue fall ever deeper for it, and have come to the point where my infatuation is compelling me to move to the next level in my business. Please stay tuned for news of Lou 2.0."
It's a bittersweet symphony to the end. But when one door closes, another door opens.
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