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Paul Hibler Is Opening A (Vegan?) Spot on Rose in Venice

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Rose Ave is the next Abbot Kinney just like coffee is the new cupcake. Aside from the swell of dining options that have opened on Rose over the past year and a half, a new mixed use building it set to open this summer and house sophomore efforts of both Cafe Gratitude (plus garden) and Hostaria del Piccolo, among other unannounced dining concepts.

Just down the block Yo! Venice! notices that Superba Snack Shop at 533 Rose is gutted and an ABC license is posted to a surrounding fence. Although the ABC don't share much information by way of the new establishment's name, what DOES strike a chord is that a one Paul Hibler, co-founder of Pitfire Pizza, is attached to this biz. So, several things. While this is unlikely a new branch of Pitfire, what IS VERY likely is that this here could be the locale for either that new vegan concept mentioned months back or Superba Bakery. Although Cafe Gratitude is a stone's throw away, we're thinking vegan here. Oh, and the build is being done by the team who did Gjelina, Ramland Construction.
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533 Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291