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Screen%20shot%202012-03-15%20at%206.19.07%20AM.pngFrog Frozen Yogurt, an East Coast-centric froyo chain, opened about three weeks ago in that shopping complex which houses Big Wangs and Stout at the intersection of Cahuenga and Selma in Hollywood. This right here is the lengthy flavor list (Egg Nog, New York Cheesecake), and, eer, looks like the cafe has some religious undertones. The website states that "SweetFrog was founded on the principles of Christianity and our belief in bringing happiness and a positive attitude into the lives of our consumers. At SweetFrog, F.R.O.G stands for Fully Rely On God – and we hope to be an example of that in every community!" [EaterWire]

Update: Frog frozen yogurt in Hollywood is unrelated to this Sweet Frog froyo and has no religious affiliations.