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Loteria SM On Track, Boost Still Under Construction

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Welcome back to another Plywood Report, where we track some of the latest openings around town. Spot something new that we've missed? Let us know. 1) Santa Monica: We've just been tracking, tracking, tracking Loteria Santa Monica, which is now over a year in the making. Here now, a few shots of the interior. That old Gaucho space was gutted, and now there are two bars (one in front, the other in back), plenty of space for seating and a door that will open right onto the promenade. If the Health Department gives them a passing score, Jimmy Shaw & Co will be opening before this month's end. [EaterWire]

2) Venice: Earlier this month we heard a rumor that Boost Kitchen was open for business. Nope! As the photos above show, the place is still a huge pit of plywood. Construction crews are about to pour a new foundation, and, with doubt in their voices, said that the restaurant would open this September. [EaterWire]