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Shunji's Resurfaces at Shutter Mr.Cecil's Space in West LA

Last summer sushi chef Shunji Nakao (Asanebo) separated from partner Cecil Hsu and lost his namesake eatery in the process. Three months ago came word that Nakao had claimed the defunct Mr. Cecil's on Pico and it appears as though Shunji's has resurfaced within this locale. Per Chow, the top kaiseki dishes served here are "steamed black cod in mushroom broth, and nasu dengaku—a delectable set of eggplant slices, topped with miso, fried shrimp, and shiitake." Sushi is a good choice, too.
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[Photo: Tatiana Arbogast/Grub Street]


12244 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064