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California's First Alcohol-Serving Starbucks is in Calabasas

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Have ya heard? Starbucks sells alcohol. At least it does in Portland and Seattle. Back in January came word that this year The Bucks planned to branch out with "four to six coffee bars in SoCal and Atlanta" offering beer and wine plus a new menu of "savory snacks." Last week Starbucks filed for its very first beer and wine license in California at 26531 Agoura Rd in Calabasas. The permit is currently pending, no word on launch.
·'BucksWire [~ELA~]

Update: Reps for Starbucks says that this Calabasas Starbucks is, in fact, the second location in CA to apply for a liquor license. The first Starbucks applied to serve beer and wine on March 1 at 960 Orange Avenue, Coronado.


26531 Agoura Rd Calabasas, CA 91302