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More Quickie Customizable Sushi via How Do You Roll?

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Oh wow. Someone else is hopping on the fast casual sushi track. Two months ago u-sushi started to serve Beverly Hills customizable sushi rolls, now to Marina del Rey comes How Do You Roll?. And, actually, How Do You Roll? predates u-sushi because it first hit Austin, TX in 2008. However, in the scheme of LA bespoke sushi, u-sushi came first.

In any event, How Do You Roll? is a concept created by Yuen and Peter Yung, though they've franchised the rights to Brad Wayne who, on March 5, will bring the brand to 4730 Lincoln Blvd., unit A. How Do You Roll?'s menu is not a far cry from that of u-sushi, the main difference is that How Do You Roll? offers additional non-fish proteins like chicken and beef. [EaterWire]

How Do You Roll?

4730 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey, CA