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Grand Reveal Inside UMAMIcatessen: 5 Restaurants in 1

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Elizabeth Daniels 3/12

It has taken Umami founder Adam Fleischman about 14 months to build out UMAMIcatessen, the eagerly anticipated multi-concept deli and bar experience which opens tomorrow at 5PM on Broadway downtown. After that interior spot check last month, here now a final tour around the space. UMAMIcatessen is one of those modern numbers where steel and reclaimed wood prevail (a la mode at the moment), with a soaring open ceiling, a host of two-tops, four-tops, bar seats and communal dining space, bare Edison bulbs, and factory-style dangling lights. The aesthetic was a joint collaboration between Derrick Flynn and Julianna So of SO\DA inc., and the in-house team at Umami Restaurant Group.

The 6,650 square foot 170 seat venue is broken down into five separate restaurant concepts. Umami Burger: an expanded version of the Umami Burgers out there at the moment. Exclusive to this location is The Shrimp Burger with Yuzu-Kosho (a wild shrimp patty with Japanese spices) and Wasabi Potato Salad topped with sashimi. PIGG: Chef Chris Cosentino's pork park which explores pig preparations from around the world. The Cure: Inspired by the typical kosher deli, expect pastrami, chicken salad, sandwiches, matzo ball soup, knishes, that kind of stuff. Spring for Coffee: brewing beverages with beans from Stumptown, Handsome, and Sightglass. & a Donut: Fried to order donuts, soft serve ice cream made with Strauss organic milk, seasonal sorbets. The Back Bar: Adrian Biggs (Harvard & Stone) crafts reinterpretations of the classics, 10 craft beers on tap, a few bottled beers, and 30 bottles of wine priced at $28. Phew, there's more than a lot going on here. The first step to bringing back Broadway.
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Umami Burger

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