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Miyata Menji Grand Opens Tomo Serving Just Two Dishes

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Perhaps a little competition for Tsujita L.A. Moving into the shuttered gr/eats space on Sawtelle comes Miyata Menji, an Osaka-based tsukemen ramen spot opened by Japanese comedian Tetsuji Miyata. Daily Dish reports that just two bowls are listed on the menu: "tonkotsu ramen with pork broth, teriyaki beef, shallots and fried tomatoes, and tsukemen with steamed noodles, anchovy cabbage, grated cheese (optional), minced pork, vegetable potage, tomato and croutons." That's it. While Miyata Menji is set to officially debut tomorrow, a Yelper says that the restuarant is soft open right now and offering $3 bowls of ramen.
·More slurping on Sawtelle: Miyata Menji to open Wednesday [Daily Dish]

Miyata Menji

2500 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

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