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Popular Miami Concept Slated to Replace Rosé Restaurant

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Big, splashy openings by no means guarantee success. Take, for example, Rosé, La Cienega's St.Tropez-inspired clestaurant which wilted after just six months. Rosé's website still reads "Rose Restaurants is currently closed as we undergo renovations. We will be reopening in March 2012!" However, here we are in March and in no way shape or form is the pink-hued eatery ready for a second attempt. Through the grapevine comes word that Rosé partners David Kay and Kamran Pahlavi have continued to pay rent on the space despite Rosé's shutter, and the duo will maintain control as they reconceptualize the clubby restaurant. Supposedly they are in talks to bring a popular Miami eatery to this here lot. Sounds about right.
·The Party is Over Rosé on La Cienega, Relaunching March [~ELA~]


861 North La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA