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Refresh For Rick's Tavern, Library Alehouse Stays As Is

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On the subject of Rick's Tavern and Library Alehouse on Main Street in Santa Monica switching over to new ownership, some updates. Rick's, which was overtaken by the mysterious "Main Street Restaurant Venture," is now under control of Howard Alpert (Alpert/Siegel & Associates), the real estate guy partly responsible for that Circle Bar revamp across the street and the individual who bought Joe's Diner further north on Main. Anyway, while Alpert plans to update Rick's, fear not local imbibes, no monumental alterations to come. Look for new bathrooms, tvs, and some cosmetic changes to freshen up this drinkery. And as for Library Alehouse, new management will keep the craft beer abode as is.
·Change in Ownership For Two Pubs on Main [~ELA~]

Rick's Tavern

2907 Main St Santa Monica, CA 90405