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Early Signs of The Counter Downtown's New Look

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Elizabeth Daniels 3/12

Jeff Weinstein's popular and now omnipresent burger parlor The Counter is set to open mid to late April downtown at 7th and Flower on the ground floor of the Roosevelt Lofts. Just a bit earlier than expected. And while this outpost will serve The Counter's tried and true customized burger menu and more, Weinstein is changing up the interior design. What will remain the same is the chain's overall industrial aesthetic, however here Weinstein is experimenting with a darker/softer contrast color palette for both the floor and furniture, a U-shaped central FULL bar with a hanging liquor display, and a stadium-esque layout wherein that center bar is positioned on the lowest level with surrounding seats a few steps up. As a point of reference, The Counter is located by six month-old Salvage Lounge also within the Roosevelt Lofts.
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The Counter

725 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA