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After Three Years, Josef Centeno Signs Out of Lazy Ox Canteen, Perfecto Rocher Steps In Today

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It is with mixed emotions that we tell you, dear readers, that talented chef Josef Centeno - the opening kitchen chief of downtown's Lazy Ox Canteen and the individual responsible for putting this Little Tokyo gem on the map - is moving on. Ox owner Michael Cardenas reveals that as of today Josef Centeno has clocked out of The Ox to focus on his recently opened 2.5-star downtown haunt, Bäco Mercat. In his place Cardenas has hired Spanish chef Perfecto Rocher, a third generation paella maker who lists time spent with Ferran Adria at El Bulli on his resume, in addition to stints at Manor House Hotel in London and the Beverly Wilshire's Blvd restaurant. This name might actually sound familiar because Rocher is the chef that Cardenas hired to open that previously mentioned Spanish concept in Culver City. And while the project is still a go, Cardenas has swapped locations and is in final negotiations at a existing restaurant in Santa Monica. The deal should close in about 10 days.
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