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Mark Peel Shutters The Tar Pit After 2+ Years of Biz

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On Saturday morning at 9AM, Mark Peel, chef and owner of Campanile and The Tar Pit, sent over the following note: "...I want to give you the news that The Tar Pit will be closing tonight. We've had things going well between Jason's food, the cocktails, staff, management, and some great music. Unfortunately, our landlord wants a very unreasonable amount of rent. She has a lot of empty spaces in the building, her unwillingness to come down even one dollar will mean she will have one more. Without market rent it's better to get out sooner rather than later." As some might recall, The Tar Pit opened in December 2009, originally a joint venture between Peel and lauded NYC mixologist Audrey Saunders (Pegu Club). Unfortunately, just a couple months into service Peel and Saunders split, and since then a slew of respected Los Angeles mixologists have taken turns with the cocktail menu (for example David Kupchinsky landed behind the bar before eventually departing for Eveleigh). As for the future, Daily Dish reports that The Tar Pit will relocate elsewhere in the city.
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The Tar Pit

609 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036