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Sign Up For The April 1 LQ@SK Weed Dinner NOW!

Q: Who's Got The Herb? A: LQ@SK. So, that seven to eight course LQ@SK Weed+Chinese Herb Dinner collaboration between chefs Laurent Quenioux + Starry Kitchen EC Thi Tran takes place on April 1 at about 7PM. Right now only one dinner is planned for 30 guests priced at about $150 a head (which includes shuttle service to/from a random parking lot and dinner venue), but a second dinner is likely to take place down the line. Much in the vein of the recent LudoBites dining lottery, for this marijuana dinner diners will be chosen at random via a lottery system as well. However, in order to participate one must fill out this "Personality Survey" (note: "if you want to offer some kind of 'creative bribe' now's the time to stake your claim," there's apparently "NO" wrong answer, and you don't have to answer all questions but organizers do want to "make sure you're not a d-bag, because no one wants that at a fun dinner like this, right?!?!").

Diners who land a resy will be alerted on March 13, at which point pre-payment must be sent by March 21. Location still under wraps. Dishes could include Monkfish Cheek Congee and Cannabis Pesto; Cannabis+Chinese Herb Silky Bantham Beggars Chicken.
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