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Anat Escher Opening Lago D'Argento Pizzeria This Month

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Much turnover for Anat Escher. Over the years Silver Lake's Barbarella Bar has experienced its fair share of reconceptualizations and chef shuffles, meanwhile Bugatta recently overtook The Bungalow Club. And now it's on to Lago D'Argento Pizzeria. While the casual, affordable pizza and small plates restaurant shares an address with Barbarella Bar, Eater is assured that Barbarella is not closing and this eatery is taking over a previously empty adjacent space. Chef Jose Rheu Mendoza who served as pastry chef at The Churchill and then was supposed to land at Duplex (before that was canceled) will man the kitchen here. The goal is to hopefully open by March 14, but with inspections and all that could get pushed to March 19. [EaterWire]

Lago D'Argento Pizzeria

2609 N Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA