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New West Hollywood Promoter Ordinance In The Works

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Daniel Mick, Code Compliance Supervisor for the City of West Hollywood, alerts Eater that a new ordinance is currently being written that will change how West Hollywood restaurants, bars, and nightclubs can employ the use of promoters. The proposed ordinance, which went before the West Hollywood Business License Commission today, was created to facilitate restaurant, bar, and nightclub operations. Any establishment using promoters will have the option to A) acquire a "Promoters Venue License" which enables the venue to hire any promoter or B) not obtain the "Promoters Venue License" and instead hire any promoter that has secured an individual "Promoters License." So, either the business or the individual needs to carry one of these new licenses.

After reviewing the bill, the West Hollywood Business License Commission recommended that it be taken to City Council without any changes. However, before this happens, the City of West Hollywood is offering potentially affected businesses the opportunity to comment.

If you have something to say visit City Hall on March 20 from 2-4:30PM.
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