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Miles Thompson Tests The Vagrancy Project, Eventually Hopes To Open Cottage Restaurant

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Miles Thompson, former executive sous chef of Son of a Gun, recently introduced The Vagrancy Project, a dining concept or recipe testing ground of sorts that will eventually lead to the inception of his "dream restaurant" Cottage. He explains The Vagrancy Project as such: "It is a Project in three phases- The first being the private dinner party/tasting series that is currently underway - elegant and elaborate meals presented to a small group of diners in people's homes in the form of extensive tasting menus. The second stage is the appearance of Vagrant as a pop-up restaurant germinating in various locations around the city until it finds its residency within another restaurant for a time. The third and ultimate stage of The Vagrancy Project's evolution is the eventual opening of the restaurant Cottage, the restaurant that I have dreamed about ever since I learned how to hold a knife and saw butter fizz immaculately - a small, extremely comfortable, and convivial space punctuated by stunning art, music, and spectacular, ornate, and most importantly delicious food." Right now Thompson is still in phase one, but here is an example of dishes that could appear on the menu once his pop-up is finalized. Some food porn, too. [EaterWire]