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Yojisan Sushi Serves Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow

Phone: 424-245-3799
Status: Opens tonight
After tracking and tracking and tracking the development of Yojisan Sushi, a release today brings word that the sleek new Japanese restaurant - born from a collaboration between partners Giacomino Drago (Il Pastaio, Via Alloro) and sushi chef Yoji Tajima (SHU Sushi House Unico) - opens tonight. Quite obviously named after Yoji Tajima, Yojisan Sushi serves contemporary Japanese cuisine and sushi in a simple modern space designed by architect Dan Brunn. Photos to come, but inside one will find "a wall of light panels simulating a bamboo forest and vibrant red boxes, inverted – a nod at the typical Japanese bento box. A dream-like floating garden of leafy plants hangs over the entry..." Lunch service commences tomorrow.
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Yojisan Sushi

260 N Beverly Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210