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Post & Beam: Highs and Lows in the First Few Months

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Govind Armstrong put another often forgotten Los Angeles neighborhood on the dining map when he opened Post & Beam with partners Brad Johnson (BLT Steak, The Roxbury) and David Borrego (The Raymond, Wolfgang Puck) late last year. The menu is full of farm-to-table fare, and there's a lush green garden around the dining patio. People seem to love the pizzas and drinks, but there's not a lot of praise overall. Word on the street is that Armstrong has been busy training in the kitchen for the last few months and that the food can be hit or miss. But that's just word on the street. Here now in another edition of Good News/Bad News we take a survey of the written word. Have an opinion? See the comments section, down below.

Elizabeth Daniels 4/12

The Saucy News: "Likewise, Armstrong approaches sauces in a less-is-more manner that was no doubt influenced by his time at Spago. Where Wolfgang Puck showed what can be achieved by easing up on the beurre blanc, Armstrong reveals the remarkable sauces that can be fashioned in a wood-burning oven. The one on the appetizer of plump turkey sausage meatballs is my favorite. Roasting pans of tomatoes provide the base; a hodgepodge of guajillo and arbol chiles, the complexity. Blended but barely strained, it’s rustic in the most fundamental way." [LAMag]

The Mind-Blowing News: "Chef Andrew is creating some mind blowing pizza's upfront out of the pizza oven while Chef Govind is making some mind bending smoked Salmon and Catfish. " [Menu Pages]

The Potential News: "This place has a lot of potential. They are so close I can taste it." [Yelp]

The Sticky Little Ribs News: "The sticky little ribs taste oddly like hot dogs. Don't say I didn't warn you." [Yelp]

The Trickery News: "...they trick you into buying water. By the time you realized that you've been charged for water multiple times each time you fill up, its too late to complain without looking cheap." [Yelp]

The Fab Dessert News: "Then came dessert. I'm not a desser lover, but every bite deserved another. FAB!
Some flaky housemade biscuits with creme anglaise and blackberries topped my list." [Yelp]

The Pizza News: "The sausage pie was enjoyable as well, with some nice sugary notes from the onion and peppers to temper out the savoriness of the meat. I will note that my dining companion found the blend of cheeses utilized here overly piquant, though I had no such issues with it. " [kevinEats]

The Mussel News: "The mussel broth needs more kick for this Monster and the mussel shells break easily which proves annoying when the shells become part of the dish. Perhaps this is just an off night for this particular appetizer." [The Monster]

The Favorite Cocktail News: "Out of the drinks I tried, the Amaretto Sour was my favorite. Creamy and not too sweet. The Champagne Cocktail made with Reposado, Lillet Blanc and champagne was described by Dan as “intense” and he wondered if it would be well received, but it was a favorite at our dinner table." [CoC]

The Great News: "...the restaurant is energized by a passionate, pronounced South L.A. local hitting the nail on the head of how we really want to eat these days." [GS]

The SIV Rave: "Half a Jidori chicken arrives crisp and golden in its cast-iron skillet, bursting with juices. Boneless short ribs in all their beefy goodness are served simply with grated fresh horseradish root. And that grilled beer-brined pork chop tastes like itself, not just salt." [LAT]
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Post & Beam

3767 Santa Rosalia Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90008

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