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Chado Tea House on West Third Ends 22 Year Run

A couple of years ago, Eater heard that Chado Tea Room was possibly looking for a new home. Chado stayed put, and has since done brisk business in loose tea sales, catering and teas for two. Frequently, large groups would filter in to celebrate an engagement or new baby. Reasonably priced and with an enormous tea selection, Chado was well-loved by locals. The inside of the place always smelled like strawberries and melted butter, even if the wallpaper was peeling and the floor was worn. Unfortunately, Chado on Third is on its way out. Chado's owner, Reena Shah, confirms that the building has been sold and all tenants were asked to leave. The final day of business for this Chado location is August 31. Chado's other locations in Pasadena, Hollywood, and Little Tokyo remain in operation.
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Chado Tea Room

8422 1/2 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048