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Your Pasta Story, Serving Fresh Pasta, Opens Tomorrow

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Olivia Dupré and partners are opening Your Pasta Story in the space that used to house Holy Cow Express (from owner Sheel Joshi). Energetic, enthusiastic and with a charming French accent, Dupré emphasizes that all of the pasta is made daily and cooked to order -- not held in a steam table all day. Dupré and her kitchen are making a macaroni and cheese with "good cheese, not that cheap gouda," and portion sizes are appropriate, though if someone "is really hungry, they can get a large size for $1 more." There are about 20 different sauces and shapes of pasta to pick from, and prices are around $10 a bowl. Unfortunately, no alcohol served here, but that makes it ideal for families with children. Though they are opening tomorrow, Your Pasta Story is also holding a grand launch event on April 22 at 3:30PM for the neighborhood. Serving daily from 11AM to 10PM.
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Your Pasta Story

8474 West 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048

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