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Trailer Park Truck: Serving The Ultimate Stoner Food

Trailer Park Truck is Not Your Mama's Home Cookin'. It is, however, a medley of twisted comfort food that sounds like Blue Ribbon Frito Pie (Fritos in cheese topped with ground beef, secret sauce, bacon, and fried onion strings), Aunt Mimi's Chicken and Waffles (fried chicken served on a Belgian waffle with honey maple glaze), and the Trailer Park Burger (patty, American cheese, fried onion strings, arugula, secret sauce). The two week old vehicle is the brainchild of music guy Dave Miller "who spent his youth touring the world in a punk rock band, then working in the NYC music industry and party scene," according to the website. Catch the truck today in Santa Monica at 31st and Ocean Park, full details here. [EaterWire]