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Matt Bendik Debuts AV Nightclub on April 30 in Hwood

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Elizabeth Daniels 4/12

Unfortunately, that 3rd Street/St. Nick's Pub deal fell through for former Voyeur partner Matt Bendik, but instead, over the past few months, Bendik and partner Tosh Berman have focused on building out the old Spotlight space on Cahuenga at Selma and rebranding the venue into AV Nightclub or Audio/Visual, Hollywood's next hot ticket.

Bendik and Berman have formed AV Hospitality, and it's under this moniker that they're opening AV. Located in the Marion building with history dating back to the 1920s, "AV embodies an air of mystery left behind by the many Hollywood celebrities who've reveled in this space since its inception." There's a central DJ booth surrounded by "an intimate landscape of 17th century European design," Baroque era embellishments, and an ivy covered exterior patio with an outdoor fireplace.

And that's not all. AV Hospitality is also opening an adjacent Italian restaurant right now operating under the name "Cahuenga Restaurant" at 1607 Cahuenga. More to come.
·The Shutter [~ELA~]

Update: The restaurant has been named Aventine and will open this summer.

AV Nightclub

1601 N Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

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