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Rose Ave Is Getting An Establishment With Full 47 Liquor

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There's so much excitement in the food and beverage space hitting Rose Ave in Venice, but what about a bar? Or at least a restaurant with a full 47 license to properly lubricate its patrons? The time has come, thanks to "Rose Water LLC," which right now exists as an empty lot across the street from Venice Beach Wines and the soon-to-open Superba Snack Bar. Whipping in the wind, tethered to a fence, is the above pictured full 47 liquor license for a new eating and drinking establishment coming to Rose.

Is it related to Rose Market down the block? Probably not. Aftering digging around on the interweb we found some clues. There's a one Baret Lepejian attached to this operation, and also a one John G Reed of Reed Architectural Group. Assuming that this is the firm hired to build out the space, its website lists, under "Works in Progress," the above pictured renderings which, frankly, look well suited for that corner space on Rose. No confirmation at this point, but signs do point in the direction of this BIGA kitchen and bar concept. [EaterWire]

Update: The above pictured renderings were actually an original design idea for Superba Snack Bar, so they are not, in fact, connected with Rose Water LLC.


542 Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291

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