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Hans Röckenwagner Considering Another LA Bakery

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Even Angelenos who don't know Hans Röckenwagner are likely to have tasted his bread. Röckenwagner has a stall at most major farmers markets across the city, and over 25 Whole Foods locations in Los Angeles County carry Röckenwagner pastries and bread. Those baked goods are delivered fresh every morning from Röckenwagner's new commissary on Hauser and Adams. While his bakery-slash-cafe business has hit a few snags in the last year, the wholesale business is flourishing.

Reached by phone, Hans says that his business is thriving as more people are interested in where their food comes from and who makes it. On the subject of cafe and retail verses wholesale, Hans says he's expanding on both fronts. His wholesale business has really taken off since he moved production from the Mar Vista bakery to the new commissary. Not only is he delivering daily to Whole Foods and now Patina restaurants, but Gelson's markets and other restaurants around town are also interested. On the bakery/cafe front Hans says, "I'm currently looking around the Third Street, Beverly and Silver Lake areas. The farmers market business is thriving in those areas." [EaterWire]

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