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SIV Reviews L&E Oyster Bar; Gold at LQ@SK Weed Din

Sher is excited to find a new oyster and wine-centric domain in L&E Oyster Bar, a joint venture from Dustin Lancaster and Matt Kaner of Bar Covell. Silver Lake's buzzy new addition serves a rotating assortment of oysters, raw and cooked, in addition to other non-oyster plates that still need some work:

Some dishes, like the clam chowder (too floury), need tweaking. I can't recommend the muddy-tasting Cajun crawfish pie too enthusiastically either. But in the end, it's not about the food, it's about the oysters. And this congenial spot is just what local oyster lovers needed.
SIV is worried that the denizens of Silver Lake might not board the oyster train, but from the looks of it, L&E's small dining room is continually packed to the gills, so good luck securing a table or bar seat. [LAT]

Jonathan Gold cautiously attends the LQ@SK weed dinner but it turns out marijuana is more of an afterthought: "Nobody quite knew what to expect, which is why people were prodding the modish dish of cured duck breast, raw yellowtail and compressed watermelon, trying to figure out whether the cannabis was involved in the melon's marinade or in the garnish of chopped herbs...Cannabis did not seem to be among the garnishes on the plate of spot prawns, whose heads were tempura-fried while still attached to the steamed bodies; it appeared as a flavor really only as part of an epazote puree dotting a shallow bowl of rice porridge..." [LAT]

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L&E Oyster Bar

1637 Silver Lake Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026