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Casey Lane of The Tasting Kitchen, The Parish, Itri

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In 2009 The Tasting Kitchen quickly replaced the underwhelming AK, no initial remodel to the space, rather the addition of a little known culinary team out of Portland headed up by young chef Casey Lane. Within months buzz spread about Lane's concise farm-to-table small plate menu, and over time as The Tasting Kitchen has matured into a top Venice haunt for both food and drink, so too has Lane who most recently received a semifinalist nod for Rising Star Chef in this year's James Beard Awards. Nicely done. Lane is well on his way to share two more eateries this June: The Parish, a gastropub concept, opens downtown in place of Angelique Cafe, meanwhile Itri, which overtakes Angeli Caffe, will focus on pasta.

1. My favorite food to cook at home is paella.

2. My comfort food is Indian.

3. Lots of people have heard that I'm from Portland, but I'm actually a native of El Paso, Texas.

4. My first professional cooking job was as a baker.

5. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones.

6. I'm an only child.

7. My favorite book is A Moveable Feast by Hemingway, though it has nothing to do with actual feasts.

8) My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, no one expects anything just good family and friends.

9) I am a very even tempered chef.

10) Work is simply not work to me, it's what I choose to be doing almost constantly.

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The Tasting Kitchen

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