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Last Night's Anti-Foie Gras Scene Outside Melisse

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At 6:08PM last night four anti foie gras protesters quietly stood outside Melisse in Santa Monica remaining mum as diners shuffled into the French restaurant ready to partake in seven hearty courses of foie gras. By 7:30PM the group of picketers had grown in number to about 15, many of which carried graphic signs of force-fed ducks and geese. The crowd got so rowdy that diners could hear their chants and screams from within the restaurant, however a few local police kept the group at bay.

An ABC news van parked outside and a reporter interviewd both diners and protesters on the looming foie gras ban which goes into effect on July 1. By 9:15 the group of protesters had dispersed and a few foie gras supporters who were protesting the protesters had taken over holding pro-foie gras signage that read "We Heart Foie Gras" and "Repeal SB1520 It's Bad For The Economy It's Bad For California United We Stand! We Heart Foie." In other news, Jonathan Gold attended the meal, so expect a word from him on this subject likely next weekend.
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Melisse Restaurant

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