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Tatsu Ramen Holds Friends & Fam, Opens For All May 23

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Tatsu Ramen is a nifty little Sawtelle operation. Launched by Ryu Isobe on a street already littered with top notch ramen, the shoebox-sized soup spot aims to differentiate itself with iPad ordering (popular in Japan) via three iPads affixed to a wall by the restaurant's entrance. Above is a series of photos that chronicle the ordering process. The diner first selects from either Tonkotsu Ramen or Naked Ramen (meat-free), chooses add-ins like chicken, tofu, or extra noodles, selects a beverage (soda, water, beer, green tea, beer), then pays for it all with the swipe of a credit card. Grab a seat at the long ramen bar or at a table up front. This week Tatsu Ramen opened up for friends and fam, it will grand open to the public on May 23.
·Customizable Ramen Hitting Sawtelle Via Tatsu Ramen [~ELA~]

Tatsu Ramen

167 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (929) 284-7088 Visit Website