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Copenhagen Pastry to Culver City, Ancient Neon at Clifton's Cafeteria, More!

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Photo: Toddrickallen

CULVER CITY— A new bakery called Copenhagen Pastry has sprouted at the intersection of Washington Blvd and Washington Pl. Management plans to open in June serving traditional Danish baked goods. [Toddrickallen]

DOWNTOWN— Clifton's Cafeteria is undergoing that refurb which will turn the vintage restaurant into a multifaceted 47,000 square foot space to refuel. Blogdowntown caught up with owner Andrew Meieran who says that he has "uncovered just amazing things." One such article is a neon sign that was discovered behind a wall, and the light was on, glowing for the past 70 years. "Neon experts" have told Meieran that the sign is likely the "oldest existing, continuing operating neon in the world." [Blogdowntown]

WEHO— Effective May 30, The London initiates "Wednesdays at Sunset" wherein the hotel's rooftop opens up to the public. From 6-7PM beer and wine is offered gratis to all guests. Resy required. [EaterWire]

Copenhagen Pastry

11113 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232