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Eat.Drink.Americano Reveals Its Fresh Face Downtown

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Elizabeth Daniels 5/12

Well. It doesn't much look like Café Metropol anymore. Here now another new industrial rustic number showing exposed brick, an unfinished ceiling, and more than enough reclaimed honeyed wood thanks to architect Oonagh Ryan. Welcome to Eat.Drink.Americano, a new gastropub from former Café Metropol co-owner Michael Burke opening May 23. Befitting to this space, consulting chef Juan Pablo Torre serves a menu described as "locally sourced modern American pub fare" which includes both the usual and unusual suspects.

Charcuterie and cheese; an oxtail burger; but also steak tartare with mustard ice cream; and cocas, a savory Catalonian pastry topped with, for example, salmon, cream cheese, and a poached egg. By way of drink, EDA stocks eight beers on draft, six in bottle, two keg wines and an addition six by bottle. This list will grow in the future.
·Eat.Drink.Americano Opens May 23 [~ELA~]