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Foie Gras Fighters Make False Resys to Thwart Service

Last week a FOX News piece brought to light guerrilla tactics used by foie gras activists against restaurants and chefs who are in support of the French delicacy, and false Yelp reviews aren't the only way protesters have retaliated.

Last night Helen Johannesen from Son of a Gun dropped Eater a note saying that reservations for tonight, the second night of that collaborative Ludo foie gras dinner, have opened up because protesters made phony reservations for last night's meal: "We had protesters make fake reservations...and it screwed us. Last week we did a big PR push, fb, several media outlets. We got a lot of emails in response requesting reservations and those were the ones who no showed. It has happened at all the dinners, the activists make fake reservations so that it effects our business. Obviously this is hard to confirm, but talking with Josiah (Melisse) and others who have done dinners the same thing has happened and it SUCKS!!" Has your restaurant come under attack, too? Send us your story.
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[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

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