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Troy Stevens Rejiggers Lou into BOSC Wine Bar

After Lou Amdur handed over the keys to his namesake six-year-old Hollywood wine bar last month, it was only a matter of time before new owner Troy Stevens put his stamp on the space. And per the wine bar's flacks, Lou is now BOSC. Still a wine bar focusing on French and Mediterranean foodstuffs, chef Jon Campo, protégé of the departed D.J. Olsen, stands up to control the market-driven kitchen. Popular Lou plates like pig candy and house-cured bacon maintain their presence on Campo's new menu, and past customer favorites like wild boar sausage and antelope filet make a repeat appearance. Off the spring menu are new compositions like a pulled pork sandwich with barbeque sauce and coleslaw; and scallops with spring vegetables and fava tendrils, to be paired with BOSC's selection of American and European "natural" wines. Happy hour and craft beer to come in the future.

Lou's design remains in place, the wine bar still does not accept resys, and hours of operation run Monday through Saturday 6PM to midnight (food is served until 11PM).
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724 Vine St Los Angeles, CA 90038