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Cafe Dulce at Hold Up Art Brews Stumptown Coffee

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Little Tokyo's Cafe Dulce, famous for its green tea donuts and artful lattes, is staging an indefinite residency inside Hold Up Art, a gallery at the corner of 11th and Hope. The industrial space is sparse, ideal for walking up and sipping a cappuccino while checking out art by local street artists. Cafe Dulce is featuring Portland's Stumptown Coffee Roasters, perhaps a prelude to the company's upcoming cafe inside the soon-to-be-built Ace Hotel at 9th and Broadway. In addition to Stumptown, Cafe Dulce plans to have a roving selection of nationally recognized coffee roasters that they will poll on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Each month management will select roasters from the likes of Grand Rapids' Madcap, Toby's Estate, Counter Culture, and San Diego's Bird Rock Roasters. Cafe Dulce at Hold Up Art's soft opening is planned for May 29 at 6PM, followed by a grand debut for the public on June 6 at 7PM. Further, Stumptown Coffee will hold a public cupping session on May 30 at 6PM.

With Stumptown also planning a roasting facility in Downtown, this looks to be their third major foray into the LA market after Santa Monica's Primo Passo Coffee Co. and Brew Coffee Bar inside the Yahoo Center. [EaterWire]
— Matthew Kang