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Wine and Dine No More at Bodega Wine Bar Hollywood

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Four shutters today. Sad. Bodega Wine Bar co-owners Jason McEntee and Greg Seares send word that their third drinkery, located in Hollywood, will shutter just shy of its second birthday:

Bodega Wine Bar regrets to inform you that our location in Hollywood will close permanently this Sunday, May 27th. After almost 2 years of operation, we have decided that this is not the right location for our concept and it's time to close our doors. Our Pasadena and Santa Monica locations continue to thrive and many of the dedicated staff from Hollywood may now be found at these other locations. We would like to thank all our staff, investors, friends and family as well as all the new friends we made in Hollywood for their support and enthusiasm, and invite everyone to come commiserate celebrate with us a in a night of heavy drinking this Sunday starting at 5pm. We'll keep going until 2am or when we run out of booze, whichever comes first.
No intel on what's moving in just yet.
·Hollywood's Bodega Wine Bar Opens Today [~ELA~]

Bodega Wine Bar

6290 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028